How to Cite The LatiNegr@s Project

The LatiNegr@s Project is protected by a Creative Commons
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The details of the license are explained here.

You are welcome to share, clip and reblog excerpts but you must give credit where credit is due.  This applies to anything appearing here–images, blog posts, comments, even tweets.  

If you’d like to reblog our essays in their entirety, please reach out for permission first (Note: We will almost always allow it but this is a courtesy that you should always extend to the original authors of posts you find on the internet).

We often share material created by others. If you discover and would like to clip/share material that was created by someone other than the LatiNegr@s or by individual LatiNegr@s writing in other places (e.g. Tony Otero at Huffington Post or Bianca Laureano at Latino Sexuality), a simple “via,” “by,” or “hat tip” (or “H/T”) to them and the full link to the blog where citations come from will do.  However, please make sure to reach out to the original owner to find out what permissions you might need to share their work.  And, in all things, acknowledge the original creator in your clip, excerpt, or share.

If you are using material found here in a scholarly work, refer to your favorite citation guide.  Almost all of them have instructions for how to cite blogs and websites.  To help you along, here are a few examples below:

From CHICAGO/Turabian:

Blog posts and comments are usually left out of the bibliography but you should “cite in running text (“In a comment posted to The Becker-Posner Blog on February 23, 2010, …”)” or more formally in a note:

1. The LatiNegr@s Project (or individual author), Month Day, Year of Post (H:MM p.m.), comment on The LatiNegr@s Project, “Post Title,” The LatiNegr@s Project, Month Day, Year of Post, URL.

2. The LatiNegr@s Project (or individual author), “Post Title,” The LatiNegr@s Project, Month Day, Year of Post, URL.

3. The LatiNegr@s Project (or individual author), comment on The LatiNegr@s Project or author last name, “Post Title.”

In a bibliography:

The LatiNegr@s Project.


The LatiNegr@s Project (or individual author), “Title of individual blog entry.” The LatiNegr@s Project. DD MM YYYY. Web. Date accessed (URL).


The LatiNegr@s Project. (YYYY, MM DD). Title of Post [Blog post]. URL.

If you have questions, ask BEFORE you hit ‘Publish!’ You are responsible for anything taken without permission from this site.

Most important, this is a labor of love but it is still labor. Everyone contributing to the blog (and everyone we reblog) is working hard to make sure that the history and beauty of LatiNegr@s around the world is being highlighted with respect and dignity. We need to remember to honor each other and support this community by giving proper credit, citation, and attribution where it is due. Thank you in advance for helping us build by providing proper citation.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

For more information on how to cite other forms of media online please read “Media Justice: Why Citations Matter” by Bianca written especially for her students using media in a research paper.