The McNair scholars program is designed to help disadvantaged, majority first generation, and underrepresented students pursue graduate education. The program works to build research and professional development skills. It also helps students learn to focus and get the most of a graduate education while still contributing to the community.

This cut will result in the closing of roughly 30% of all McNair programs in the country and will mean that hundreds of promising McNair scholars will suddenly be left on their own, and thousands more will never get the chance to prove what they have to offer. With the steady decline of the U.S. educational system we cannot afford to let those who have come through so much fall through the cracks. Those bursting with potential must have resources to reach it, and contribute to reversing this trend of declining education.


This is crazy!

I am a product of the Ronald McNair Scholars program and in it I was provided with funds to do work related to AfroLatin@s. I definitely support this program and it’s helped many of my friends with their interests, as well.

Please sign the petition!


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    I’m a former McNair Scholar. Please sign.
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