The 30 Day Latino Blog Challenge 2012

We are happy to bring back The 30 Day Latino Blog Challenge. 30 days, 30 blogs, 1 message to celebrate Latino Heritage Month. We challenge oursleves and any Latino blogger to write everyday for the next 30 days. The rules are simple. The blog must be at least 2 paragraphs on the selected topic, although there are 2 entries for poetry. The blog can be written in anyway chosen.

Latino/Hispanic Heritage Month is from September 15 - October 15. So this challenge will begin tomorrow. Have FUN and Good Luck! Below are the topics:

Day 1 – What I love most about being Latino in America.
Day 2 – What Latin American Country/Island have I been to
Day 3 – Favorite Latin Cuisine
Day 4 - What Latino Blog I recommend
Day 5 - Romney or Obama?
Day 6 - Immigration: For or Against?
Day 7 -  Post a picture about your culture and explain its significance
Day 8 -  What Latino Stereotype do I hate the most
Day 9 -  My Feelings on Arizona
Day  10 – Afro Latinos/Latinas in the Media

Day 11 – Religion
Day 12 – Latino Politics – What affects you?
Day 13 – What Do I know about indigenous culture (i.e.Tainos)
Day 14 - Favorite Latino Musician
Day 15 – Latinos in the Film Industry
Day 16 – Latino Art
Day 17 – Si No Puede Hablar Español, No Se Pone Latino.  Verdad?
Day 18 – A Poem (original or quoted)
Day 19 – Latinos, Police, and Prisons. What Say You/Que Te Dices?
Day 20 – Latino Superheros

Day 21 - Post an Image that Represents (Afro)Latinidad and explain why
Day 22 – Blogueros y Blogeras - Are Latinos on the ‘Nets Relevant?
Day 23 – Hispanic or Latino..What do you prefer?
Day 24 – Should USA lift the embargo on Cuba?
Day 25 - Post a picture about your familia and explain its significance
Day 26 – Favorite Latino Actor or Actress
Day 27 – Favorite Latino Author
Day 28 – Are Latinos Queer?
Day 29 – Are Latinos Black?
Day 30 – What I learned in the last 30 days..

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