Women’s History Month: Young, AfroLatina, & Gifted

Hey y’all!!

As you know, it’s Women’s History Month and with this celebration, typically we celebrate those lives who have now turned to ancestors. We think back on their contributions and express our gratitude for being able to walk in their footsteps. We honor them in our hearts and memories.

As necessary and critical as this is with all of the structural inclusion yet to include the historical contributions of Womyn of Color, simultaneously we must be sure to celebrate those who are still with us, trailblazing the path, seeking to tear down the inequality that patriarchy, classism, racism,  and heteronormativity have created and honestly, continue to create.

With this, our AfroLatina/LatiNegra spotlight is on Jamila Aisha Brown who is a hardworking, loving, badass Panameña not to be reckoned with! Jamila is the founder of When and Where I Enter, Inc. which is a social enterprise dedicated to honoring AfroLatina women and girls, promoting economic empowerment and raising awareness on issues experienced by AfroLatinas and their communities. She is also the founder of HUE Global, an African Diaspora-centered social enterprise that specializes in expert-consulting services that promote sustainable development and empowerment.


Not only is Jamila a serial social entrepreneur, but she has published work for Ebony Magazine and The Guardian, consistently bringing an AfroLatina voice into the space. Her works have focused on transphobia, the impact of drug trade simultaneously on Black US-an and Black Colombian youth, anti-African sentiment in Israel, and more.

To connect with Jamila, follow her on Twitter and keep up with Hue Global’s Wordpress and Tumblr for up-to-date political commentary on Black and Latin@ diasporas, and please stop by When and Where I Enter, Inc. to learn how you can help support AfroLatina women & girls.


With love and gratitude,

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